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Specifications For Mechanical Binding

  • Allow 3/16” trim off spine of signatures
  • Use light perforation on head and spine (please do not over perforate which could create gathering problems with signatures pulling apart).
  • Allow ¼” head, ¼” face, and ¼” foot trim. Bleed in the appropriate bleeds 3/16” into the trim. Note- These trims can be adjusted to accommodate web cut offs and different sheet size. Please advise if different trims are needed.
  • Signatures can be folded without a lap.
  • Grain of text should run parallel to binding edge.
  • Following are the dimensions from edge of trimmed sheets to inside edge of the punched hole. Copy should be laid out to avoid this area.
v Spiral Wire: 1/4" All Bulks
v Plastic Spiral: 1/4" All Bulks
v Wire-O: 1/4" Up to 7/16 bulk of book
v Wire-O: 3/8" Over 7/16 bulk of book
v GBC: 1/4" Up to 1" bulk of book
v GBC 3/8" Over 1" bulk of book
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